Why You Should Be A Unicorn

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Why You Should Be A UnicornYou might have heard or read about a couple seeking a unicorn. A unicorn in a relationship is someone (usually a female) bisexual who is willing to be a partner to other couples and usually expected to date and have sex with both members of that couple. Just like what the name suggests, a unicorn is rare.


Its rarity is understandable since it is easier to find someone who would like to put oneself above others than to find someone who is selfless enough to be the – so called – "third person" in a relationship. A unicorn, however, is not that kind of "third person" that we all detest, but someone desired or even hunted by a polyamory couple looking for a unicorn – someone to bring more adventures to their love life.

The Benefits of Being a Unicorn

Before you decide to be a unicorn or to visit a unicorn dating site, it is a wise decision to see what is in store for you.


First of all, if you become a unicorn, there will almost be no relationship drama. To be a unicorn, you will either go out and tell people that you want it or join a unicorn dating app and find a couple who are looking for one. Therefore, there is no need to ride that emotional roller coaster people usually get when trying to build a relationship.


Furthermore, you have got to be more adventurous with less pressure too. For a bisexual man or woman, you will have a chance to enjoy eating pussy or getting fucked, or even both at the same time. You will have all of that and with less pressure. That is, when you are playing with just one person, you will take all the responsibility to please your partner, but if you are doing threesome, you can share it with the other player.


Last but not least, there will be no string attached. Once the threesome is over, you can easily get yourself out of the relationship. You do not need to feel like you should be responsible for someone's feelings or afraid of breaking their hearts. Being a unicorn can be a long or short time commitment, but it is a different commitment from being in a personal relationship.


Finally, if you are bi-curious and eager to join unicorn dating sites, just remember to set some boundaries and expectations in the beginning to avoid feeling fetishized or feeling like a third wheel.