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Are You Really Unicorn? Here are Warning Signs of Couple You Should Be Aware

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There's a chance that you have been wandering around the unicorn dating site to look for couple looking for a unicorn in a polyamorous relationship. But how often you see yourself as a unicorn?[Read more...]


How to Flirt with New People in Unicorn Dating Site

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If you are a couple seeking a unicorn, you will surely want to level up to meet with the matches in real life. But long before you do, you are going to use some means of communication to approach them.[Read more...]


Turning to Online Dating to Find Local Unicorns

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In the journey to find local unicorns, most couples seeking a unicorn will turn to online dating because it is much faster and more effective. If you and your partner have decided to meet your third wheel through an online dating platform, it does not hurt to check on certain facts about online dating first before you proceed.[Read more...]


Using Unicorn Dating App Safely

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Whether you are the couple looking for a unicorn, or their counterpart, you surely want to pick the best way to help you find the best match possible.

Here is where the unicorn dating app enters to help. Thanks to this service, it is now easier to find same-minded people in the world of threesome and swingers. You don't need to go to a club or pub and spend thousands of dollars anymore to find your perfect match. All you need to prepare are your laptop and internet connection to start searching.[Read more...]


Why You Should Be A Unicorn

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You might have heard or read about a couple seeking a unicorn. A unicorn in a relationship is someone (usually a female) bisexual who is willing to be a partner to other couples and usually expected to date and have sex with both members of that couple. Just like what the name suggests, a unicorn is rare.[Read more...]


Find A Unicorn Online - The Real One!

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The unicorn dating has been much easier now thanks to the unicorn dating sites that you can easily find online. Choosing the next wheel for your hookup means that there will be a lot of homework to do from your orientation, wishlist, partner's agreement, the choices of platforms for online arrangement, intercourse position, and many more.[Read more...]