How to Flirt with New People in Unicorn Dating Site

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Flirt with New People in Unicorn Dating SiteIf you are a couple seeking a unicorn, you will surely want to level up to meet with the matches in real life. But long before you do, you are going to use some means of communication to approach them.


For most couples looking for a unicorn, finding the best unicorn is totally challenging. One missed step and they will run away from you. That's why you will want to have a good relationship with the unicorn you find online. Talking with them on the phone can be one of the most successful strategies to win over them. It gives you the chance to focus on a particular match.


If you want to find a unicorn for you and your partner, you will want to reserve the chance to get it.


Here are the tips to make a phone call with someone you meet on a unicorn dating site.

Find the right time to talk

Before calling them, you could make an appointment. You might be on the same platform as a unicorn dating app, but it does not mean that you can reach the other party anytime you want. You must choose a good time for both of you so that you won't feel rushed when making a call. It is best to choose the time which both can be convenient.

Choose the location

When it comes to the couple looking for unicorns, it is similar to the common dating type. You and your partner will meet your unicorn for the first time. Therefore, you don't want to meet them in a private place since it can be risky for both of you. Consider meeting in a public place first before proceeding. All in all, you need to meet them physically to make sure that they are your comfortable choice.


You will want to share the bed with the unicorn who can make you and your partner convenient, not the other way around.

Check your voice

Do not start a conversation on a unicorn dating site with a sore throat or other problems. Even technical problems like broken mics can put the deals off. Check your voice first before making a call. If there's something weird with your voice, you will want to fix it. Perhaps it is because of technical issues like the volumes, or so.

Don't wait for too long to make a call

Don't wait for 3 days to give them a call. Some experts recommend you to wait for a few days to make a call. Well, in the threesome dating relationship, there is no such thing like that. Unicorn is fast, sleek, and sneaky. If you don't catch them and reserve them quickly, you could lose your chance to get your perfect match. Show them that you and your partner are interested in them by calling them when you can.