Are You Really Unicorn? Here are Warning Signs of Couple You Should Be Aware

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Are You Really Unicorn? Here are Warning Signs of Couple You Should Be AwareThere's a chance that you have been wandering around the unicorn dating site to look for couple looking for a unicorn in a polyamorous relationship. But how often you see yourself as a unicorn?


Although it is not always, unicorn can also be the bisexual male or female. In the threesome or polyamorous kind of relationship, unicorn can enter in the equation. Being a unicorn, it does not mean you don't have equal position with the others. Here are few warning signs that you should watch from these couples.

You are being left out

Some couples are so protective for each other. It is much easier to see if they are possessive to each other. You need to be wary with this sign of toxicity. They will talk to each other a lot. And you will probably notice that they are not talking to you at all. Why bother then?

Only talking about the intercourse

When you notice that they are only talking about an intercourse with you, then it could be a bad sign. They are not seeing you as an equal partner. Instead, you're just an object for them. If that's the case, then your unicorn dating app can help you to find other prospective couples.

You can see some fishy things

If you think that they don't live up to their words, you must be reconsidering your relationship. The last thing you want is that they have hidden agenda and you have never realized about that at all. If something's fishy, you can at least ask them about what is happening. If they don't provide good answer for you, you could just skip and meet other couple looking for a unicorn.

They are not open to you

The relationship should be vice versa. It is cool that they know a lot of things about you. But when you are asking them questions, they are not disclosing satisfying answers. As the time goes by, you can see their bad patterns. If they are not open to you, you could just skip that to avoid wasting time.

You're dealing with newbies

Don't underestimate the signs above. If you love yourself, consider to read them and avoid any mistake before going to the loopholes.